Welcome to Barb's Creative Care Daycare where we are here to provide the best care for your children of all ages. My name is Barb Van Horn and I have been operating my licensed daycare for 14 years now.  I have two full time workers that work beside me at all times.  We are a family business and we are here to love and care for your children as if they were our own.

Child-Care Philosophy

To provide opportunities for being with other children in a setting conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships.

To provide appropriate play experiences that contributes to the developmental needs of the child/children.

To provide opportunities for meaningful play that is based on the child/children's individual needs, interests, handicaps, and abilities, and that will build important foundations for future skills.

To provide opportunities to meet and work with parents who have as their common concern the interests and needs of their children.

To provide care for the child/children while the parents pursue their own work or other interests.

To provide opportunities to grow in the understanding of the child development.

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